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09 July 2012 @ 08:41 pm
acid black cherry 7.8  
of course, abc was fantastic ♥
we met again at the same venue as xmas-- osaka-jo hall! on xmas, the stage was set up in the center, with arena and stands surrounding all sides. at that time, i was up very high in the back of the stands. this time, the stage was set up in front, with arena and stands facing the stage and i was in the back part of the arena!

what really took me was the set-up for the stage. it's really beautiful, like an old church. my favorite part of the night was when they played Fallin' Angel, and yasu was suddenly on top of the church singing to the sky--- and it really cemented for me that Fallin' Angel and Shoujo no Inori III are my goddamned favorite abc songs god ;A; the videos and story were so cool. and left all the girls around me muttering "kowai, kowai.." lol. i hope, if they make a dvd of this tour (they will, right? right?!) we get to clearly see all of them again. i also liked cherry cherry-- because fuck yes, cherry cherry!

doomsday clock

~the day~
Fallin’ Angel
in the Mirror
so…Good night


20+∞Century Boys

~until~ into doomsday clock... (●´-`●) dokidokidoki
yasu's MCs were adorable and dirty as usual ♥ but my favorite i think was when he was asking about all of our ages, and to everyone (especially yasu's!) surprise there were some attendees quite up there in age! yasu looked so... humbled and happy ;u;

jun-ji is so freaking hot
hiro is so freaking hot

ugh i love abc

i had my t-shirt and towel, and at the last minute, i bought postcards and the winged headband ♥ it was so cute, i couldn't help myself!

yasukiriiii ♥

the moment they walked off the stage, i just had this feeling of no-- no that's not enough D: -- i panicked thinking it could be my last show ~ever~ and a sick obsession from thereon trying to get a last minute ticket to budokan.. which, are being sold in front of me and gave me a bit of an anxiety attack trying to get one today. thinking about it.. i really would like to attend the tour final- and see Budokan one time before i leave japan- but i just cant shake the feeling of inadequacy and "this seller is absolutely not going to sell to me personally". blah.
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"CULTMONSTER": Kohta :Dred_audrey on July 9th, 2012 11:57 am (UTC)
great setlist *___* i only miss black cherry from it
kirigloomy looks so cuteeee <3

also i was just thinking about hiro and what a babe he was earlier holy damnnnn
"FAMOUSMONSTER": kohta takeo [heart]elektrajolt on July 9th, 2012 12:00 pm (UTC)
i was surprised there was no black cherry but i'd rather spell magic ♥ ♥
hiro man HIRO. his fucking haircape is so fabulous and he is BANGIN
"CULTMONSTER": Aiji + Denkired_audrey on July 9th, 2012 12:04 pm (UTC)
i love them bothhhhh ;; best songs for yasu to turn up the slut
IDK HOW hes always had the most luxurious head of hair on any human being and just such a fox, fuck